Exhibitions: David Epstein

David Epstein - Facets
23 April 2015 - 27 June 2015

I am an intuitive “shooter”. I see something that appeals to me and I take the shot. There is no constructed meaning at that point, rather the creative process happens after the fact. If there is a message in my work, it emanates from a non-contrived state of being — the image speaks for itself.

I like to experiment with different combinations of photographic media—the old in the form of silver halide and the new which is of course digital. I print all my own images, a throwback to the days in the darkroom. It gives me a measure of control of the final piece, the same control perhaps I have when I capture the image. I experiment with different ink/paper combinations, the result is that no two images are exactly the same. There will be variances, in texture, shadow and light resulting in a print which is always unique.

My hope is that for my work creates a personal message to the viewer. It is not my place to tell the audience what they need to see, but they need to feel what they see. I am but the messenger.

David Epstein
Johannesburg 2015