Exhibitions: Past

Important South African Paintings by Artists from 1867 onwards: 20 August to 20 September 2004

By the 1930s a generation of white artists was coming into closer encounter with modern trends and, less concerned with surface than with substance, was endeavouring to give expression through the newer forms to the distinctive quiddity of the world around them.
To begin with, very little of that pioneering work met with a warm reception. Gradually, however, by virtue largely of the efforts of the New Group, resistance began to give to approval – even admiration – and by the late 1940s artists such as Pieter Wenning, JH Pierneef, Maggie Laubser, Irma Stern, Wolf Kibel and Bertha Everard were beginning to be regarded as the Old Masters of South African art, while a younger generation was already winning favourable attention
”. Esmé Berman