Exhibitions: Past

A Journey beyond the Immediate: 12 May to 12 June 2005

The first quarter of the 20th century of ‘modern’ South African painting was affected by the immediacy of Impressionism in its different manifestations. Of the South Afrcan artists who painted Cape scenes Strat Caldecott benefited directly from the Frech example. This is evident in his “House in the Malay Quarter”. Pieter Wenning, on the other hand, derived his muted style, exemplified in the “Gabled Farmhouse, Cape”, from the Dutch School of the Hague. Gwelo Goodman’s “Rondebosch Common” refers to the English school. These artists allow us glimpses of the varying moods of the peninsula. Moreover, there is a singular understanding of Impressionism discernible in their respective observations of fleeting flashes of sunlight and dappled or streaky shadows”. Elza Miles