Exhibitions: Past

An Outsider's View: 23 February to 22 March 2012

An Outsider’s View is an exhibition of selected examples of Meyer’s landscapes, painted over a period of 21 years, the earliest dated work on the show, “Perron”, having been produced in 1990. Throughout his career he has expressed himself through the landscape; from the arid and unforgiving terrain of the Namib Desert, the Karoo and the Kalahari through the small towns and dilapidated farmhouses dotted across the South African terrain to the rich vegetation around Camps Bay and the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean - and even to the historic Old City in Jerusalem. The show provides the viewer with an experience of the artist’s skill in capturing and expressing his reaction to these diverse and contrasting terrains - the beauty of each painting lying in the careful combination of the intimate observation of objects and the communication of the artist’s emotional state.