Exhibitions: Past

Frank van Hemert
Songs and Colours
20 October - 15 December 2016

The artist at all times knows how to make the emotions tangible through the physical process of painting. The texture, handling of materials, colour, viewpoint and form give the work a certain feeling, energizing the drama with in the image.” - Hans Locher (emeritus professor and former director Gemeentemuseum, The Hague)


Frank Van Hemert seeks to connect the world through natural elements, using universally recognizable symbols that immediately evoke emotion, and in a body of 24 works created specifically for this exhibition, van Hemert uses sunflowers as a metaphor for hope and anticipation.

Van Hemert has created a substantial body of work (both paintings and drawings) addressing themes concerning the principles of life – birth, life, death. His expressive use of colour and gesture characterize his paintings, taking his viewer captive, forcing an emotional response.